Pale Blue Dot

A fantastic short animation narrated by the famous astronomer and writer Carl Sagan of whom I am a personal fan. He talks about the a pale blue spec of dust in the vastness of the cosmos: Earth, and how it has everything to which mankind belongs, but also how human beings, alone in the cosmos, manage to be so different from one another.. to the extent that they start wars..

He ends the animation by saying "its time to put our differences aside" and I couldn't agree with him more.


Manufacture of memory cards

A brilliant informative video showing the manufacture of Lexar memory cards. It goes through the steps of creating such a device including lithography, metalization, dicing, bonding, packaging, testing and much more!


Extraordinary ping pong

A clip showing an extraordinary point in a table tennis final match. It is quite spectacular how the eventual winner holds the repetitive attacks of his opponent 2 meters away from the table edge!

The first question you would probably ask is why doesn't he just play a short ball on the table instead of the repetitive smashes? The answer is that he couldn't: with that amount of spin on the ball there is no way he would be able to land the ball on the table..


Experience Human Flight

A stunning video about skydiving from the Melbourne Skydive Centre. The video looks amazing because the geniuses who shot it decided to shoot the video looking up! You do not see the ground approaching in the background of the sky divers; the video is shot looking at the sky such that the divers look like they're floating in space.


Drawing with water

Watch this video: It is an awareness commercial about clean drinking water and the consequences of the lack of it.

The Brilliant thing about it is the way they draw with water then allow ink to diffuse through the invisible drawing guidelines to interactively draw out the picture.

The trick is that they use textured paper which supports the water's surface tension and allows it to retain its shape (at least for some time). Quite impressive!


Tsunami drowning a city

Incredible new footage of the tsunami that hit northern Japan in April 2011. You can see the wave making its way through the town and clearing everything in its path until you can no longer distinguish between the streets and the ocean.

You can also see dramatic satellite images of japan before and after this disaster here

Solar system in beautiful motion

Brilliant flash animation that shows our solar system revolving around the sun.

You can choose to slow it down or speed it up, see the moon phase, change the view or see the zodiac signs. Pretty neat.


Nice text collage

That's cool! Here's a nice website that generates text collages from a variety of input methods.


Google art project

Google art project allows you to explore museums and artwork photographed in a similar way to google street view from inside the museums themselves without actually having to go there. It is quite impressive, I am just wondering if they were allowed to do that. Seems to me this could put some museums out of business!


Space paper planes!

Samsung launched 100 paper planes into space as part of an advertising campaign! Each paper plane had a memory card attached to it with messages from people all over the world. It is supposed to display how resistant their memory cards are.

If you find one of the paper planes in the street one day, maybe you should let them know on their official website dedicated to this project.


Formula of love

There you have it! Love derived from a simple math equation.

An equation plots the shape of a heart with the assistance of Wolfram's Alpha online math software (part of the Mathematica software family). Good software, worth checking out if you deal with a lot of symbolic maths.


Explosion on the sun's surface

When a large-sized flare occurred near the edge of the Sun, it blew out a spectacular, waving mass of erupting plasma that swirled and twisted over 90 minutes. This event was captured in HD by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft.

Muhammad Ali cool sculpture

In his portrait of three-time heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, artist Michael Kalish went big, using 1,300 punching bags, 6.5 miles of stainless steel cable, and 2,500 pounds of aluminum pipe to construct a 22-foot-high master-piece that took three years to complete.

Brilliant and impressive!


NY (and other) live police radio

You know how Spiderman kept monitoring the police radio frequencies to watch out for crimes..? Well now you can do the same! This website has a live stream of the police radio station frequencies from New York, Los Angeles, Montreal and San Francisco.


The battle of standing still

A mesmerizing video of the 1990 match sprint world cycling championship, the fastest bicycle race in the world. But! before the final sprint in which they reach a speed of more than 60 Km/H (in just 200 meters), there is a battle of standing still: in which the contenders actually try to fall behind there rival in order to have the first attack in the final sprint..

Read more about this on the sprint cycling wiki page.


USA wanted to invade Canada!!

So it seams that the U.S. reeeeeeeaaaaally like to have war! In the relatively quiet time before world war II, American generals had nothing to do and so they were planning to invade and occupy Canada as a start of invoking war with Great Britain.

The plan was dubbed "War Plan Red" and its document was declassified in the 70s, makes you wonder what they're hiding and planning!


Noah takes a picture everyday for 6 years

Noah Kalina is the guy you seen in the video, and he took a picture of himself every day between 2000 and 2006. He then brought them all together in a 5 minute video montage showing the aging process and change in styles he experienced.


Beautiful sky and landscape timelapse

Here's a beautiful video showing a time-lapse of the sky, clouds and the horizon. Amazingly done and very relaxing.


Cross section of the human body (literally! a man was cut into pieces!)

A video of the human body cut up into 1871 slices! The Visible Human Project was an effort to create a detailed data set of cross-sectional photographs of the human body. The cadaver used for the project was from convicted murder Joseph Paul Jernigan who donated his body for scientific research prior to his execution.

Yes.. No! YEs! No!... No! Yes!!

Amazing little gullible kid gets tricked by his father in taking a walk! Guaranteed to make you smile :D



A normal day.. (Don't let the title fool you!)

You know how you are very proud of yourself if you throw your empty juice-box in the trash can from 10 feet away, and it actually enters? Well.. these guys take that to a whole new level and it is anything but "normal".. Incredible!


Epic Rally video

You don't have to be a racing fan to admit that this is an amazing sport, and this is one incredible "EPIC" video portraying insanely cool racing!


Japan tsunami: Before and after satellite photos

Dramatic satellite photos of the worst hit Japanese cities from the record-breaking earthquake and devastating tsunami. Move the slider and see the destruction first-hand..


Redrawing the Monalisa (very cool japanese art)

I really respect art, from doodling all the way to painting with oil on canvas, but I have never seen those two concepts merged in such an amazingly cohesive yet disjoint way.. Sagaki Keita: simply amazing!


Man claims he didnt eat or drink for 70 years!

This is very hard to believe, I mean, what was he doing?! absorbing water through his skin?!!


Man-made glider flying like a bird

Well, this video amazingness (if such a word exists!) brought me chills, especially at the end.
If there's a lesson learned from it, it would be that the word "impossible" should have to be deleted from all our brains. Amazing bird-like glider flight!


Crater face: Incredible animation

Brilliant animation worth seeing and bookmarking and then seeing again (just for the fun of it :P), I wish Skyler would make more of these creative animations.

Huge International Cooking Database

Here's a good one! A website with thousands of recipes from all over the world, simply categorized by country or food-type and much more!

After checking the recipes from my country I can assure you that this is accurate and real! Highly recommended for cooking enthusiasts..

Welcome to The Whirlpool

Welcome to my blog! I thought its suitable to try out my first post as a welcome message and to explain why I started this blog.
Too many good thoughts go unnoticed, and get forgotten.. I  realized that its not a bad idea to save some of the cool things that I find during my everyday. That is why I started by adding this link box with all the incredible links that I find on the internet.
I am probably too busy or too lazy to write in this blog much, but I'll do my best to share info. which could be of use to anyone else as well. My interests are in computers, sport, food and travel; so my posts will probably be along these lines.
Well, that sounds about right, and seems enough for today! If you're a  first-time visitor: Welcome :) and if you have been visiting my blog more than once: congratulations on not being bored :D